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Mobility Out

Guidelines for studying abroad

The opportunity to study and carry out research activities in a foreign institution offers the student a unique experience. The immersion in a different culture, combined with the contact with a new academic environment, provides a broad personal and intellectual growth that widens one´s perspective and improves students´ education. Having that in mind, UFTM´s International Cooperation Office (ACI) supports and seeks to foster student exchange with foreign universities.

ACI currently does not have resources to fund exchange scholarships for its students. Therefore, the study abroad is made possible through external programs and agreements, some with scholarships, others without fundings.

Application requirements:

  • To be regularly enrolled as undergraduate or graduate student at UFTM;
  • To have concluded minimum of 20% and maximum of 90% of the undergraduate major or graduate program at the time of the travel (some programs require a higher percentage of completed credits);
  • To necessarily have to attend, after the exchange period, at least one academic semester at UFTM in order to graduate. The student must not be in the last semester of academic study if he/she intends to engage in a mobility program;
  • To have an Academic Performance Index of 6.5 or higher;
  • To not have failed in more than two disciples/courses considering the previous two semesters.

 * Candidates to mobility programs must be aware of public calls and, in case of any doubts or document request, they must address to ACI for further information.

Credit validation (after returning to UFTM):

Any doubts regarding validation of courses and academic activities carried out at the foreign university must be discussed with the students´ major board of directors.

The professors that compose this board of directors are the ones with necessary understanding to analyze the content and workload of disciplines and/or internship attended abroad and to assess whether they should be validated or not.

Students must send reports of activities carried out during the exchange program every semester.

Students must also contact ACI before departure in order to provide information regarding his/her exchange program and to request the change of his/her status for “Attending International Mobility”.


Note: Students interested in studying at foreign universities with which UFTM still does not have a cooperation agreement may contact ACI to discuss their intentions. ACI will seek to intermediate contact with the foreign university in order to support the exchange opportunity.

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