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Professional Master in Chemistry



This program is developed with the participation of several national institutions. It will be conducted towards the continuing training of professors and will also stimulate the interchange between universities. The objectives are to be reached based on transversal concepts, such as: matter-energy; cause-effect, structure-property, always with a commitment to debates on the life quality of society, on the role of man in the social use of the environment, on critical views over development and sustainability, in addition to approaching new materials and its application. It aims at contributing to the process of reform and improvement of the chemistry teaching.

For more information about the major and the general coordination, please access: 



PROFQUI is a stricto sensu graduate program focused on providing qualified and updated continuing training in Chemistry. It considers research subjects, the development of products and didactic materials to be relevant to professors working in Brazilian high schools. The program reaches national range and aims to meet, in the medium term, the continuing training of Brazilian basic education professors who teach the Chemistry discipline.


Target Audience

Opportunities for high school professors who hold an undergraduate degree in Chemistry or related areas.


Concentration area



Lines of Research

LR1- New Technologies and communication

LR2- Environmental Chemistry and energy

LR3- Chemistry of life

LR4- New materials


Requirements for Admission

Candidates must be high school professors who hold an undergraduate degree in Chemistry or related majors recognized by the Ministry of Education.


Coordination and secretariat

Phone: +55 34 3331-3146



Phone : +55 34 3331-3146


Campus Univerdecidade – Unidade II
Av. Dr. Randolfo Borges Júnior, nº 1400.
Uberaba-MG. CEP: 38064-200.


Additional Information

Year of Approval/Authorization of the program: 2015

Conferred Title: Professional Master

Type of Education: Classroom attendance and Online involvement

Type of Admission: The selection process for the admission at and granting of scholarships by PROFQUI is conducted through a National Admission Exam which covers Chemistry content previously defined and published by the Management Council. The academic coordination of PROFQUI at the national level will be carried out by a Management Council. The selective process will be conducted every semester.

City: Uberaba

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